For centuries, travellers have always turned to India for their share of self-discovery and spiritual wisdom. Be it meditation, yoga or even ancient practices that promise to rejuvenate your mind and soul, India has redefined the concept of spiritual travel. There are a number of places in India that may assist you as you go on a journey of inner peace.

Are you at the crossroads, wherever you’re feeling dejected, lost and helpless? do you think that despite a decent career and all the success you’ve got seen, you still feel hollow within? many a times, despite having all that we’ve ever hoped, there’s a lingering feeling of restlessness. though you’ll laugh it off, you’ll need some spiritual intervention to reach out to your inner-self.

10 Popular Spiritual Retreats In India

Top 10 Popular Spiritual Retreats In India

If you’re one of those who doesn’t believe in knocking the doors of a temple or church to seek peace and answers, then a spiritual retreat is the place to go!

1. Tushita Meditation Center In Himachal Pradesh

Located in the hills of Northern India, Tushita Meditation Center in Dharamsala is famous for the study and practice of Buddhism. though it’s not really a retreat, it offers you the perfect environment for the learning and practicing of this religion. the center offers 10-day introductory courses also as personal retreats for individuals experienced in the practice of Buddhism, and who need to focus on discipline and silent meditation.

Address: Tushita Meditation Centre
McLeod Ganj,
Himachal Pradesh – 176219
Contact Number: (+91) 8988-160-988

Highlights: Personal Retreats, group Retreats, Programs with courses on Introduction to Buddhism, Discovering Buddhism and much additional. movie days also are provided to participants.

2. Yoga Vidya In Karnataka

This is an excellent place for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. The Yoga Immersion Retreat is a 2-week long program that’s designed especially for beginners. Here, the theory of yoga is taught, and detailed exhibitions and instructions are provided yet. the basics of Patanjali Yoga sutras and ayurveda also are taught. Yoga Vidya additionally offers a meditation retreat wherever yoga is combined with art. this is one of the foremost famous spiritual retreats in India.

Address: AyurYoga Eco-Ashram
Village JP Hundi, Kannenur Post,
Hulhalli Hobli, Mysore District,
Karnataka – 571314
Contact Number: (+91) 99866-99849 (For International Guests)
(+91) 95674-42239 (For Indian Guests)

Highlights: Yoga courses that include Asanas and Pranayamas, detox kriyas, practices for balancing Chakras, Yoga and Art therapy Retreat, comfortable accommodations with Wi-Fi access and far additional.

3. Ananda In The Himalayas

This spiritual retreat provides you with the scenic beauty of the himalayas coupled with yoga and meditation. Ananda teaches the bihar college of Yoga techniques and offers classes in a very wide range of meditation forms and shuddi kriyas that are practices of yoga that help in purifying the body and mind. you’ll realize a full-service spa where you’ll relax and rejuvenate. Ananda additionally offers special retreat packages like yoga detox, weight loss, and stress management. this can be the perfect place for relaxation and religious awakening.

Address: The Palace Estate,
Narendra Nagar Tehri – Garhwal,
Uttaranchal – 249175
Contact Number: (+91) 1378 227500 (calls between 2300 hrs and 0800 hrs IST)

Highlights: Yoga detox package, weight loss package, over 80 Ayurvedic beauty and body treatments, Satyananda Yoga techniques, meals based on ayurveda, exclusive getaway packages, luxurious accommodation with all amenities and far additional.

4. Ashiyana Yoga Retreat In Goa

This is an excellent retreat that provides holistic therapies, yoga and other programs to help you overcome stress from a hectic lifestyle. The retreat center offers 3 different packages to suit individual needs, and you’ll chose from a 7, 14 and 21-day stay. The retreat focuses on using yoga and other approaches to reduce stress and regain balance in one’s life.

Address: Ashiyana Tropical Retreat Centre,
Junas Waddo,
Mandrem, Goa
Contact Number: na

Highlights: Ashiyana Elixir Program, yoga therapies, Ayurvedic detox Retreats, The Groove Yoga festival, luxury-eco tree houses, villas, beach huts, suites and lodges and far additional.

5. Satvik Sadan In Uttarakhand

This is a yoga retreat that’s well-known as a Vedic wellness retreat. the main focus of Satvik Sadan is on the power of yoga and participants are taught regarding how Ayurveda will bring powerful effects to one’s daily life. during this retreat, counseling on lifestyle management, Ayurvedic massages, etc. are offered.

Address: Shree Kailash Mukhi,
Talla Dhungsil, Nainital,
Uttarakhand – 263136
Contact Number: (+91) 97600 95451

Highlights: Luxurious and spacious accommodation, library, yoga theater and far more.

6. Blue Mango Retreats In Himachal Pradesh

Located in the scenic Spiti valley, Blue Mango Retreats is one of the foremost famous spiritual retreats, bringing visitors from each corner of the planet. This retreat is perfect if you’re searching for peace and solitude. this can be a 6-day retreat where your mind is rejuvenated, your spiritual understanding is deepened, your spiritual development is strengthened and your soul is healed.

Address: corporate office
F – 301A, 1st Floor,
Lado Sarai,
New Delhi
Contact Number: (+91) 94860-16600

Highlights: Tibetan Om Meditation, guided Meditation, Moon-Starlight Meditation, green therapy, Yoga, comfortable accommodation with fresh organic produce for daily healthy meals and far more.

7. Yoga Ashram In Uttarakhand

Rishikesh is one of the foremost popular places in India once it comes to spirituality. The Yoga Ashram here offers several yoga retreats as well as wellness packages that aim to revitalize the soul. apart from these, it additionally offers a comprehensive program for yoga travel through that you’ll travel to different spiritual retreats across India. customized retreats also are available for those who want a package to suit their particular needs.

Address: Village Tapovan (Rishikesh)
PO Tapovan Saray (close to Badrinath Road)
District Tehri Garhwal – 249192
Contact Number: na

Highlights: Ayurvedic Healing programs, Satsang and meditation, yoga therapy classes, comfortable accommodation with daily vegetarian meals and far additional.

8. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Centre In Karnataka And Kerala

You will find this retreat in Mysore in karnataka also as Varkala in Kerala. the center offers a variety of retreats in which programs are designed to help participants with their spiritual development. apart from yoga and meditation classes, classes on Osho meditation and a 3-week comprehensive course on Pranayama is additionally included. this can be a wonderful retreat which will help you focus on your inner self.

Address (Karnataka): G19 Kingsdale,
Sathya Marga,
Siddhartha Nagar,
Contact Number: (+91) 93422-56593
Address (Kerala): Abhijna school of Yoga
Kurakkanni, Varkala
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Contact Number: (+91) 85920-87378

Highlights: Ayurvedic spa and healing, tours and excursions, yoga retreats and courses, comfortable accommodation with nutritious well-balanced daily meals and far additional.

9. Shreyas Spiritual Retreats In Karnataka

Located in Bangalore, this is another very popular Spiritual Retreats that gives you sessions on Ashtanga Yoga, hatha yoga as well as a variety of Ayurvedic massages like the Shirodhara Ayurveda and Choorna Pinda Sweda. This spiritual retreat in India focuses on using yoga as the way to bring balance to one’s body, mind, and spirit, and provides silent retreats where you’ll bring calm to your mind and reprioritize your life’s goals.

Address: Shreyas Yoga Retreat
Santoshima Farm, Gollahalli Gate, Nelamangala, Bangalore
Contact Number: (+91) 9916-117-773

Highlights: Ashtanga Yoga and Hata Yoga Retreats, Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Package, wellness For The Soul Package, the joy Of Giving Package and far additional.

10. Isha Foundation’s Ashram And Yoga Center In Tamil Nadu

This is a center that has been visited by people from across the world for 20 years. It offers a 3 to 7-day introductory program for Isha Yoga, that focuses entirely on yoga. you’ll additionally opt for a rejuvenation retreat where the focus is put on health and wellness. With yoga, meditation and wellness programs, this center is that the perfect place to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Address: Isha Yoga Center
Isha Life,
No 117, Luz Church Road,
Near Nageshwara Rao Park,
Mylapore, chennai – 600004
Contact Number: (+91) 4 424-981-185

Highlights: Isha Kriya Meditation, Sacred Walks, Isha Rejuvenation Retreats and far additional.

By going on a journey to a spiritual retreat, you’ll bring balance to your life and focus on your spirituality, that is something that not many folks are able to do. you’ll find inner peace and tranquility and improve your life by bringing balance to it, with the help of yoga and meditation.

These were some of the best spiritual retreats India offers! we hope this post has helped you.