Home Pregnancy Test Kits : – There is no other happiness that may be compared with the happiness that you just feel once you hold your baby for the first time; but, there’s one feeling that makes you are feeling much more excited than holding your baby in your arms holding the pregnancy tester between your fingers and confirming your pregnancy.

There are a lot of pregnancy test kits available in different countries, however only a handful of them are trusted because sometimes, some of the pregnancy test kits don’t give you correct results. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to know that pregnancy testers ar good and trust worthy enough.

If you’re in India and wish to know about the top 10 pregnancy test kits within the country, you’ve got come to the right place because i’m here to give a listing of the best pregnancy testers available for you in India. read below to know about them:

Home Pregnancy Test Kits In India

Best Home Pregnancy Test Kits In India

1) Prega News Test Kit – Price: Rs. 62

Prega News Test Kit

This is one of the most affordable and trust worthy Pregnancy Test Kits available in India. lots of women use this tester because one tester costs them Rs.62 only, that is kind of cheap for them. Prega News additionally comes in different packs for an instance, some of the e-stores sell a pack of 3 at Rs.175 only, that helps the buyers save a lot of cash. during this kit, you also get a dropper with the card.

This dropper allows you to collect the drops of urine, easily. one in all the most important reasons behind the demand of this pregnancy tester is the brand ambassadors of the product. some of the leading actresses, who are themselves successful mothers, suggest women to use this tester.

2) I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit – Price: Rs. 48

 I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit

I-Can isn’t only a pregnancy tester, however a pregnancy planner itself. If you wish to know the best ovulation date for you, there will be nothing better than this pregnancy tester. lots of women buy this kit to make sure that they need the good news to reveal, soon.

The tester during this kit needs to be used after you urinate for the first time in the morning. This way, you get better and accurate results for your pregnancy. The Pregnancy Test Kits consists of a pregnancy detection strip, which may be used only once, and a dropper, that could be a disposable one.

3) Accutest – Price: Rs 40

To get the most perfect results for your pregnancy, you’ll additionally use Acutest, that could be a product of Cadila. the best feature of this product is that it’s pocket-friendly and you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to buy this. Once 3 drops of urine are put on the tester, you get the results in as less as 3 minutes.Accutest

This Accutest Pregnancy Test Kits is available in as less as Rs. 40 at different medical stores. The kit additionally has a dropper inside for the convenience of the users. while not this dropper, women find it difficult to put the drops of urine on the tester to check their pregnancy possibilities. This pregnancy tester is used only once and isn’t meant for reuse purposes.

4) Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test Kit – Price: Rs. 175 (2 strips)

Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test Kit

The best a part of this pregnancy test equipment is that it will be used 4 days before the actual period date. but company recommends it to be used on the day of period. If the test result shows negative 4 days before the period means that you may be pregnant by the harmone level isn’t enough to be detected. you need to check again on the period date to be 100% sure. within the test conducted by Clearblue 98 of the women got correct result 1 day before their period whereas 880 yards got it right 3 days before period.

In order to use it, remove the cap located at one end and put it in urine stream directly or within the urine collected in clean container. Keep the colour change tip down whereas testing for minimum 5 seconds. don’t remove the tip before 5 seconds even if the colour change tip turns pink. Keep the test strip flat for nearly 3 minutes and the results would be displayed. Use the kit early and with first urine of the day. don’t take large amount of fluid before doing the test.

5) Velocit Eazy – Price: Rs. 88

Velocit Eazy

This Pregnancy Test Kits is available between the price-range of Rs.90 to Rs.150. However, there’s one thing that you simply need to be very careful about, while using this pregnancy tester you can’t urinate on the control or the test window otherwise you might damage the device itself. you have got to be extremely careful about however you use this tester, since it’s a bit delicate than the rest of the testers in the market.

However, this tester is quite popular to get the most accurate pregnancy results. the best thing about this tester is that it comes with a larger end, that allows the user to hold it easily. Also, since the test screen could be a little larger than that of the other testers, women find it simple to see the pregnancy test results.

6) Velocit Pregnancy Kit – Price: Rs. 180 (2 strips)

Velocit Pregnancy Kit

After Prega News and I-Can, many women prefer using Velocit pregnancy Kit, since this name has additionally created a good amount of reputation for itself within the market. the best thing is that it’s been introduced by Dr. Reddy’s lab and it’s one among the simplest pregnancy testers you’d find for yourself.

The kit comes with a dropper, a desiccant that helps in avoiding moisture and protecting the kit for the user, a leaflet with instructions and the test card, that allows you to get the news for yourself, your partner as well as your entire family. one of the simplest features of this pregnancy kit is that it allows you to check your pregnancy quickly. among a minute or 2, the test results are in your hand and you find out if you’re pregnant or not.

7) Pregcolor Test Card – Price: Rs. 70.00

Pregcolor Test Card

This test card is manufactured by MSD pharmaceuticals, organon (India). it’s one of the widely used test cards in India with accuracy of nearly 90th. when buying this test strip from shop keep it in refrigerator. Bring it out of it 15 minutes before you conduct the test.

The container wherever you’re storing urine must be clean. it’s always better to use a glass container for this purpose. Once you finished collecting urine, draw urine using a dropper and pour 2 drops within the test well. you need to wait for minimum 5 minutes to see the results however that might come earlier in some cases.

  • If one pink/purple line appears than the test is negative.
  • If two lines appear that it is positive.
  • If no line appears than the test is invalid and you could take another test after 24 hours.

In order to get the most correct results from the pregnancy tester that you just use, make sure that you use it early within the morning. it’s necessary for you to test the first urine to know if you’re really pregnant or not.

Most of the testers need only 3 drops of morning urine to give the perfect result to you. once 3 to four minutes, you see the line or lines on the tester. If there’s only 1 line, it indicates that you just aren’t pregnant. On the other hand, if there are 2 lines on the tester, it means that it’s time for you to congratulate yourself you’re pregnant!

In India, being pregnant is like being blessed by God. There ar lots of families that dearly wait for the daughters and daughters-in-law to give the good news to their partners and families. As soon because the woman announces her pregnancy news, the entire family rejoices and enjoys each moment of it. Most of the women state that pregnancy is that the best phase in their lives, since their husbands are always close to them and the entire family takes good care of each little thing that they want.

But when do i use a pregnancy tester, you wonder. If you have got not been a mother before and are trying to conceive, there is also several questions in your heart, the major one being the doubt of when to use the pregnancy kit or tester. there’s just one thing that you have to do during the phase of trying to get pregnant keep patience.

Note down the date of your periods and the day you realize that you have had a missed period, it’s time for you to buy a pregnancy tester and use it to find out if there’s some good news on its way for you!