Pregnancy brings in a lot of emotions.Every one you meet has a piece of advice to give you regarding what you must do and what you must eat. This brings in even more confusion. This Indian diet plan for pregnancy can assist you clear the air a bit. Here may be a sample Indian diet plan for pregnancy which can offer you an idea of what food items will be chosen for obtaining optimum nutrition for your baby and yourself.

A women who starts her pregnancy with a nourished body, has a lot of nutrient reserves to supplement the growing foetus. hence the growth of foetus is optimized while not affecting the women’s health. A well nourished mother may also lower the risk of post postpartum complications. And additionally aids in better lactation. hence the items mentioned below ought to be consumed right from the time you wish to start planning your baby.

Smart nutritional choices will help make sure that you just and your baby start out with the nutrients that you simply both would like. The key to good nutrition during pregnancy is balance. before we see the Indian diet plan for pregnancy allow us to first look at the  foods  that I even have used in making this Indian diet plan for pregnancy and their nutritional importance during this phase.

Best Indian Diet Plan for Pregnancy

Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs and nuts :- These foods give protein, iron and zinc. there’s an increased demand for protein during pregnancy particularly within the second half of pregnancy. the normal protein requirement of adult women is 1gm/kg body weight. during pregnancy it’s recommended to have an additional 15 gm/day. the additional protein is essential to meet growing tissue demands.

Milk, yogurt and Cheese :- This group may be a major source of protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins. dairy farm products are one of the best sources of calcium, and your body needs a lot of it during pregnancy. Eat low fat dairy farm products if you’re worried about too much weight gain in pregnancy. Cheese, milk, yogurt are excellent foods for pregnancy.

Fruits :- This group provides important nutrition during pregnancy like vitamins A and C, potassium and fibre. Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, melons and berries are the most effective sources of vitamin C. It’s easy to eat 3 or more servings of fruit a day: juice or fresh fruit for breakfast, fresh or dried fruit for a snack, a fruit salad with lunch and a cooked fruit dessert with dinner.

Vegetables :- One should have raw, leafy vegetables like spinach (palak) and alternative vegetables like carrots (gajar), sweet potatoes (shakarkand), corn (makka), peas (matar) and potatoes. These foods contain vitamins A and C, folate, and minerals such as iron and magnesium. they’re also low in fat and contain fibre, that helps to alleviate constipation.

Breads, Cereals, Rice and Pastas :- This group provide complex carbohydrates (starches), an important source of energy, additionally to vitamins, minerals and fibre. Pregnant women would like 6 to 11 servings daily from this group. Grain products also are a good source of protein, that is the building material of body tissue for you and your baby. many grains are enriched with B-vitamins and iron.

Fats, Oils and Sweets :- Use sparingly, since these product contain calories, however few vitamins or minerals. Fats shouldn’t make up over 30 % of your daily calories. try to select low-fat foods.

Iron-Rich Foods :- many Indian women are anaemic (from monthly blood loss, improper diet or previous pregnancies), you will need to fortify your iron levels even before becoming pregnant with such foods as meat, raisins and prunes or beans, soy products and spinach. Your body is best able to absorb iron when consumed with foods rich in vitamin C, like citrus fruits, potatoes and broccoli.

Folic Acid :- Pregnancy doubles a woman’s want for vitamin B (folic acid or folacin). research suggests that folic acid supplementation during the weeks leading up to and following conception might help prevent neural tube defects. Foods rich in folic acid include liver, deep green leafy vegetables.

Using the food groups and food stuff mentioned above, i have compiled them in a one day Indian diet plan for pregnancy. Let us now see this Indian diet plan for pregnancy.

Indian Diet Plan for Pregnancy

                                         Early Morning : (7.00 Am)
Rose flavored Milk(1 glass) 150 4 Milk Is the best way to start your day, It will cool the acid rush down, and the nutrients in milk will be are absorbed better on empty stomach
Wheat Rusks(2 pieces) 50 2 Dry Carbs in the Morning helps in relieving Morning Sickness
Soaked Almonds (6 pieces) 50 4 It is a good souce of protein and omega 3 acids
Dates (2 pieces) 25 1 It helps in maintaining Ph balance in blood due to rise in blood volume


                                               Breakfast (9.00 Am)
Carrot Stuffed Paratha(2 medium size) 200 6 Carrots help in providing fiber , keeps you away from skin and digestion problem during pregnancy , and cuts on th risk of baby developing jaundice at birth.
Curd1 Soup Bowl(1 Soup Bowl) 75 4 curd Provides calcium, protein, Vit A and D very beneficial during pregnancy, And helps you enhance your mood during downs.
Egg Omlette(2 No.) 160 10 Eggs are easy to make and best sources of proteins that helps in baby’s growth.
Toasted Brown Bread(2 slices) 100 3 Dry carbs Helps in relieving Morning sickness
Vegetable oats upama (1 soup bowl) 250 3 Multi nutrients from veggies and good fiber to tackle constipation


                                                     11.00 Am
Apple / Orange / Pomegranate (1 medium size) 40 These fruits help in maintaining hydration and Ph balance in increasing blood volume.


                                                    12.00 Pm
Coconut water / Lemonade (1 glass) 30 It Benefits in constipation, sluggish digestion, heart burn and urinary tract infections during pregnancy


                                               LUNCH(1.30 Pm)
Chapati / Phulka(2 no) 200 6
Dal tadka / Fish curry(1 soup bowl) 150 6 Fish helps in obtaining nutrients like pufa and mufa and good quality protein for development of the baby.
Palak Paneer(1 small bowl) 150 6 Spinach is rich in folic acid and iron and helps in maintaining healthy pregnancy.
Lemon Rice(1 small bowl) 100 2 Vitamin C from Lemon helps in taking care of the huge metabolic wastes produced in body during pregnancy.
sliced tomatoes(2 medium size) 40 Anti oxidant lycopene helps in taking care of metabolic wastes.


                                                    2.30 Pm
Buttermilk(1 glass) 40 1 Helps in hydration and heart burn


                                                     4.30 Pm
Tea(1 cup) 50 2
cheese chilly toast(2 slices) 150 4 cheese has good calcium and protein which helps in growth of baby. It also helps in formation of smooth stools, which helps relieve constipation.


                                                      6.00 Pm
Roasted chana(Handful) 50 1 good protein and iron content for heamoglobin formation
Jaggery( small pieces (15 gms )) 25 Its iron content helps in increasing heamoglobin with increasing blood volume.
Dry fruit chikki (made in gurr )(4 small pieces) 100 2 Good combination of iron and protein


                                                     7.30 Pm
Vegetable soup / Chicken soup(1 soup bowl) 125 2 —–


                                                 DINNER (8.00 Pm)
Jowar / bajra roti with ghee (1 tsp )(2 medium size) 200 6 These grain are easy to digest and do not burden the system.
Mung dal and methi sabji(1 bowl) 150 4 good combination of protein and iron for baby’s growth
Kadhi / potato gravy(1 bowl) 150 3
jaggery(2 spoon) 25 Its iron content helps in increasing heamoglobin with increasing blood volume.
Koshimbir / salad(1 bowl) 50 2 Fiber helps in better digestion
Beetroot + carrot kheer(1 bowl) 150 6 Beet root and carrots increase heamoglobin and are ich in Vitamin A and other essential nutrients that helps in growth of the baby.


                                                   10.00 Pm
Milk(1 glass) 150 4 Along with good nutrition, a glass of warm milk at bedtime helps in getting a good night sleep.
2 dates (2 pieces) 25 1 It helps in maintaining Ph balance in blood due to rise in blood volume
TOTAL 2600 77


In the above given Indian diet plan for pregnancy, I even have also mentioned some facts which will help you know why you must be eating the referred food and how it’s going to help you in your pregnancy.

Please Note – The above given Indian diet plan for pregnancy may be a general chart, and can be used as an example. however this Indian diet plan for pregnancy might or may not suit everyone as everybody has a different response to different food. The above given Indian diet plan for pregnancy is suitable for women who are free of all sorts of food allergies and don’t have any complications in pregnancy.