Best Mutual Funds SIP Investment in India for 2016


Mutual price range are one of the pleasant funding alternatives for wealth advent in India. But, the most important ache is to find out best acting mutual budget that will help you in enjoyable your financial desires.

There are thousand numbers of mutual finances schemes available in the marketplace, which makes Investor stressed approximately which mutual fund they should pick out for funding.

So, in case you are a harassed investor and searching out the coolest mutual fund for the investments you are at proper vicinity. In this post, I could be sharing statistics approximately Top 20 Best Mutual Funds for 2016.

Methodology to Identify Best Mutual Funds

I even have followed technique given beneath to pick out pleasant mutual finances.

  • Historical Return :– I actually have quick- listed those mutual price range based on historical overall performance. Last 5-12 months go back is taken into consideration which will determine fine performing fund. This go back is compared with peer finances in the equal category.
  • Age of Fund House and Credibility :– Another critical choice component is the age of fund house and credibility. I actually have taken into consideration mutual price range from oldest fund house with good credibility.
  • Risk Factor :– Higher the danger, better the return thinking about this philosophy in thoughts I have decided on mutual fund High and Moderate Risk element.
  • Fund Manager :– I actually have taken into consideration Fund Manager Expertise and enjoy for the choice of those mutual finances.

I have checked funding portfolio of these funds. Last however not least I actually have additionally checked rating of this fund by means of CRISIL and Value Research.

Tried to become aware of mutual price range from all most important classes like Large Cap, Small Cap Mid Cap, Balance, ELSS etc. All facts given right here are taken from Value Research and Money Control.

20 Top Performing Mutual Fund SIPs in India for 2016

 Top Performing Mutual Fund SIPs in India for 2016

Top four Best Performing SIP Large Cap Funds

Equity mutual price range that make investments greater than seventy five% in CRISIL described Large Cap stocks for 6 months or above is referred to as massive cap budget.

Average go back given by using this category in 1 year is 17.1%. Top four best appearing fund below this class are SBI Blue Chip Fund, UTI Equity Fund, UTI Top 100 Fund and ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund.

Top 4 Best Performing Large & Mid Cap Funds

Equity Mutual funds that invest their cash within the massive cap in addition to mid-cap stock is called big & mid cap fund.

Average go back given with the aid of this class in closing 1 yr is 15%.Top 4 Best appearing fund on this class are Franklin India Flexi Cap, BNP Paribas Equity, Franklin India Prima Plus and ICICI Pru Value Discovery fund.

Top 3 Best Mid and Small Cap Funds

Funds that make investments their cash in a mid cap and small cap shares is known ad mid cap small cap fund.

Average return given by using this class in remaining 1 yr is 29%. Top three Best performing mid & small cap price range are SBI Magnum Mid Cap, Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund and BNP Paribas Mid Cap fund.

Top 3 Best Balance Funds

Mutual Funds that make investments sixty five-eighty% quantity in fairness and relaxation in debt are known as balance fund. These types of price range are suitable for new traders.

The Average return provided with the aid of this fund class in final 12 months is 14%. Top three Best balance funds for investment are HDFC Balance Fund, SBI Magnum Balance Fund and Tata Balance Plan A.

Top 3 Best ELSS Funds

The foremost goal of this fund category is to provide earnings tax gain to the investor underneath phase 80c. The Average return provided via this fund class in final 365 days is 21%.

Top ELSS price range are Axis Long-time period Equity fund, Franklin India Tax Shield Fund and IDFC Tax Advantage fund.

Top 3 Debt Income Funds

These kinds of mutual funds invest their money in debt devices like government bonds, constant deposit, corporate deposit and many others. These sorts of price range are for conservative traders.

Top three debt profits price range are ICICI Prudential Long-time period fund, Franklin India Income Opportunity fund and Tata Dynamic Bond Fund Plan B.

Points to Consider earlier than making Investment in Mutual Funds

  1. Before making any funding, you ought to be clear approximately time horizon expected go back and funding objective. Build your mutual fund portfolio primarily based in your monetary goals.
  2. I have given a number of the pinnacle acting first-class mutual funds here. It isn’t vital to invest in every class mutual finances to build your portfolio. Select best four to 5 mutual funds as in step with your investment purpose.
  3. Always select SIP route for investment in preference to doing lump sum investment.
  4. nvest in mutual finances for the long term at the least five years or above. If you’re a conservative investor you could start building your portfolio via making an investment in debt or balance price range.
  5. Please do now not put money into any mutual funds based on hints. Carry out right research before making an investment. Take advice from expert or Certified Financial planner.
  6. Review and stability your mutual fund portfolio at everyday c programming language. Consider STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) for switching from one mutual fund to other.
  7. If your mutual fund portfolio is producing terrible returns, do no longer panic. Don’t redeem or Stop SIPs. Avoid taking any selection based on quick-time period market movements. Continue your SIPs for the longer length.
  8. Invest in Growth based totally mutual budget over dividend primarily based mutual budget. Stay away from New Fund offers (NFOs).
  9. Please Remember “Mutual Funds Investments are problem to marketplace dangers. Please study the provide report cautiously earlier than investing”.

You may have already invested in mutual funds. You may additionally or may not find your budget in above Best acting mutual budget that does not mean that your selection is inaccurate.

Remember that there are thousand range of mutual price range scheme and selection terminology selected by using each character is unique. Stay invested in your mutual price range and display overall performance of the finances carefully.


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