Increase Adsense CPC  : – Recently one among my reader asked an issue regarding the CPC he receives for each click from adsense. he’s obtaining around 0.01$ per click (yes, its terribly low). He asked me to see his blog for a few suggestions. I found out the possible reasons for low CPC. during this post, let me explain easy tips about how to increase Adsense CPC.

How to Increase Adsense CPC - Boost Adsense CPC

What is Adsense CPC

CPC is ‘Cost Per Click’ in average. Let’s say, you get 0.02$ for one click and 1$ for one more click, therefore your average CPC is (0.02$ + 1$ )/2 = 0.51$. CPC could be a another think about Adsense to decide the performance beside eCPM (Effective cost Per Mile) and CTR (Click Through Rate).

You must attempt the possible ways to increase the CPC in Adsense to maximize the revenue. Increasing the CTR additionally can help, however once CPC is low with high CTR, still there’ll be less earnings.

For example, instead of getting 10 clicks at 0.02$ CPC ( 10 x 0.02$ = 0.2$), try to get 2 clicks at 0.50$ CPC that is 2 x 0.50$ = 1$, far better isn’t it?. So, your CTR is a smaller amount ( 10 to 2), however final earning is way better ( 0.2$ to 1$) because of good CPC ( 0.02$ to 0.5$). I hope you got my point.

How to Increase Adsense CPC

1) Concentrate on Keywords, niche and topic

Not all kinds on content shows a similar types of ads. Advertisers pay(bid) more money on specific keywords which can pay good CPC. you want to find out the high paying keywords for your blog topic and write about or include them in your blog posts. Google Adsense robots scan your content before display ads, if they find the valuable keywords and helpful content, then Google can serve high quality ads.

This doesn’t mean, you’ve got to write only regarding high paying keywords. getting search engine traffic to high paying keywords is extremely difficult since it’ll have more competition. You write what you know and like to write, however keep in mind regarding high paying keywords and include them in few places.

Also, you’ve got think about the potential advertisers and competition of the subject you write. Let’s say you’re writing regarding free stuff, then you’ll possibly get less CPC, because none of the advertisers can pay high payout for free stuff that they can’t sell. keep in mind!, every advertiser who is advertising tho’ Google (Adwords) that show as Adsense ads in our blogs, want our visitors to their product page and convert them to sale, registration, or any action.

2) Enable Image and Text Ads

Some people don’t like image, rich media ads in their blog posts, because they expect adsense ads to show like a link (text link). In my experience, image and multi media  ads works well in all the places. If you’ve got Text only ads, make them to image and text. you’ll see the different in next two weeks. I experimented many times and several places, then set image and text ads works well. Google extremely recommends Image and Text ads.

Here are the few reasons :-

  • Image ads are likely to be clicked (High CTR)
  • All famous advertisers and product owners like to show their brands and products as an image or rich media, so this might bring quality ads and good CPC.
  • Only one image ad can be shown at a time instead of showing 3 to 4 text ads. This may possibly a good CPC ad.
  • More advertisers will target your ad slots directly if you allow image and text ads though Adwords or Google Ad Planner.

3) Too many Ads – Less CPC

Are you using all 3 adsense ad blocks? if yes,is it balancing your each post content?. i like to recommend to use all 3 ad blocks if your blog posts are long enough to accommodate these slots and with valuable keywords available to feed Google adsense robots.

If your articles are too short and not having wealthy keywords, then Google can struggle to show relevant, high paying, and interested ads for the visitors. At the end, you get clicks however no earnings because of low paying, non relevant and some times public ads too.

4) Monitor your Higher CTR Ad with Custom Channels

Channels are very important here. This gives the clear idea of which Ad slot is performing well, measure CPC, eCPM , CTR and earnings of particular ad block. Create custom channels for each ad slot in your blog and monitor the performance for  two weeks.

How this helps in increasing Adsense CPC?

  • Remove the low performing Ad slot from your blog ( Decide by CTR and final earnings) for testing purpose. Now, Google may serve better ads to other two ad slots which is performing well, so your earnings will increase.

5) First Ad unit in HTML Code Serves better ads

You may have one ad in header and different one within post content, that ad will load first in your blog page? clearly the ad in header, because that’s at the first place in HTML code. usually Google servers quality and high paying ads to first ad slot in a webpage, therefore during this example, it’ll be the header ad.

So, the next question is, is your header ad getting good CTR? here is the clash. once your ad block within content is getting good clicks (higher CTR) than header ad, however still Google can server good ads in header. therefore you’re wasting some of the possible clicks here.

To fix this issues, Google suggests to ad your vital ad slot within div tag, that is explained clearly in Google help page here. Adsense robots can serve highly quality ads to the block with div tag no matter wherever it’s located in HTML code. Use div tag to the good performing block that you decided by custom channels in early step.

6) Reduce Accident, Fraud and Useless Clicks

Don’t assume you’ll make good money by clicking your ads from different IPs, ask your friends to click and anything like it. Google is very smart to find out these types of clicks and that they can ban your account. Also, simply clicking ads and closing the advertisers’ page immediately are notified to Google. Google is far concern regarding their advertisers also, if your all clicks work like that with none advantages to advertisers what they expect, then Google might place your website in lower place wherever low quality ads are served.

In long term plan, make certain Adsense ads are look like advertisements in your website and your visitors are interested and clicking ads to visit advertisers page purposely. don’t blend too much with your theme and expect some accident clicks. You can’t survive with accident, fraud and fast browser closing clicks in long term with Google adsense. This definitely effects the CPC, once your blog visitors converted well by advertisers with quality clicks, then you’ll get quality high paying ads.

There are few additional techniques available to increase Adsense CPC, i believe it’ll be helpful once your blog started generating good traffic. i’ll publish them later during this blog. Stay tuned.

Believe me, a blog or website want time to generate reasonable income from Adsense. It’s not easy to increase adsense cpc, however very much possible. The reader on mine, who contacted me.