Want to increase domain authority? each serious blogger needs to increase domain authority. Since we all understand Website’s overall link authority powerfully correlates with higher search engine ranking.

And who don’t wish higher search engine ranking?

Increasing Domain Authority (DA) isn’t like making a cup of tea. you wish to do lots of hard work and keep patience to increase domain authority. da is most significant factor in search engine optimization and to understand how quickly you’ll beat your competitor. Having a high da is to reserve good position in SERP and get massive traffic to website.

You have seen many times some websites are ranking higher than yours most of terms and queries. however when you checked their content, it had been less than yours. surprised how? there’s some magic behind their website ranking, Off course, yes it’s the magic of higher domain authority. Google gives importance of high authority sites.

Domain authority don’t only help in getting higher ranking and traffic, but additionally helps in getting offers of advertising, guest posts and sponsored reviews. Having a high Domain Authority could be a win-win deal.

Do you have blog with high domain authority?

No.. Don’t worry.. here to cover “How to increase domain authority complete guide”. There are many times already talked about improving domain authority. but i feel to share all information at Updateland to my readers.

Read complete guide and follow all steps if you actually need to increase domain authority of your blog.

How To Increase Domain Authority Of Your Website

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority could be a signal that helps to understand the power of a domain} name and how well a site performs in search engine results pages. Or we can say that Domain Authority is a rating of website like Alexa rank or page rank. it’s short termed as da. it’s developed by MOZ.

DA helps to understand how simply or hardly we can rank for a particular query in Google. In simple words, Domain Authority shows how much Google trust your website. a web site having high da like 85, 90, 100 rank at no. 1 position as seen in below image.

How is Domain Authority calculated?

There are many major and minor factors behind  domain authority calculation. It is based on root domains backlinks, number of total links, Moz Rank, Moz trust, age and popularity of the domain, Search Engine Result Pages and amount of content on your website etc.

Root Domains Links: Root domains (ex: web.updateland.com) links means that backlinks which are pointing to your root domains. If you create thousands of link from a single website, it’s not going to help you. create high-quality backlinks from unique domains that points back to your website root domains.

Moz Rank: Moz Rank shows a link quality score or how a link popular on internet. a web page’s Moz Rank depend on the number and quality of the pages that link to them. Higher quality backlinks may be a sign of higher Moz Rank.

Moz Trust: MozTrust is Moz’s world link trust score. it’s similar to Moz. however it focus on link’s trust rather than popularity. to induce higher Moz Trust, you’ll get links from homepage of university website or government pages.

Domain Age and Popularity: i feel Domain age don’t need any explanation. Right? Domain popularity is another most significant factor behind domain authority. it’s the comparison of total inbound and outbound links to your website and how your website is performing on Social Media. additional inbounds links, shares and likes indicate your website is more popular.

Amount of Content: You can’t create large number of quality backlinks in single day to increase domain authority but off course, you’ll write 4 -5 high-quality articles and get publish at your website daily. putting regularly fresh and unique content is useful to increase domain authority. the higher you write, more people like share and link to your content.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Domain Authority depends on domain age, backlinks and website content. You can’t increase domain age. it’s not in you hand but you’ll place some unique and fresh content at your site and build quality backlinks. Quality Backlinks means that backlinks that come back from high authority sites. Backlinks helps to increase domain authority and to deliver targeted traffic to your site. It additionally helps in search engine visibility. You can’t ignore social media it’s nice impact to increase domain authority.

1) On Page SEO

On Page SEO has own role to increase domain authority. Don’t be fancy to optimize url structure, robots.txt, meta titles and image alt tag etc. without optimizing these options well, your website wouldn’t have best SEO thus make sure you’re following best SEO practice.

As Moz explains, to increase domain authority, you wish to work out at overall SEO including site structure, navigability, breadcrumbs, url structure, meta tags, header tags, word count, alt tags, keywords, etc.

Ensure your website has easy structure, Some people fill your website with their add simply to earn some bucks and that they lose their audience. when it slow, they notice, their website has been dead. no one is coming to browse anything. Then they notice what they have loosed to earn few bucks. Before you begin workout to increase domain authority of your blog, make sure Your SEO is best.

2) Earn Link For Root Domain

To increase domain authority, you would like lots of quality links points back to your root domain. therefore if your website has not higher da, focus on making high-quality links for root domain as compared to blog posts. getting lots of links from one website isn’t going to help you to increase Domain authority. you need to gain huge backlinks from unique domains to increase domain authority.

There are many ways that to create high-quality backlinks for the website, which can be proved important to increase domain authority.

2.1) Guest Posting

You have heard many times Guest Posting is dead. but this can be still the foremost effective technique of creating backlinks and establishing relationship with influencers in your industry. go with epic and useful content and do for this establish relationship not for getting backlinks. If you create 500 – 600 words content for guest posting and stuff with keywords, it’s not going to help you to increase domain authority even it will harm you.

You can simply search blogs that accept guest posting in your industry by following foot prints.

Keyword + intitle:“contribute to”
Keyword + intitle:“submit” + inurl:blog
Keyword + intitle:“submission” + inurl:blog
Keyword +“submission guidelines”
Keyword +“guest post guidelines”
Keyword +“accepting guest posts”
Keyword +“contribute an article”
Keyword +“submit content”
Keyword +“guest post”
Keyword +“want to write”
Keyword +“write for us”
Keyword +“add a post”
Keyword +“become a contributor”
Keyword +“guest post by”
Keyword +“submit your post”
inpostauthor:guest + keyword
inpostauthor:“guest blog” + keyword
inpostauthor:“guest post” + keyword

Replace keyword with your niche and keywords. Ex- You want to search beauty blogs, then replace Keyword option with your niche keywords like Beauty + intitle:“contribute to”.

Guest posting can be proved very good way to increase domain authority if you do in right way.

2.2) Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is additionally one amongst my favorite technique to get quality backlinks and maintain relationships with top bloggers in my industry. you’ll do same by adding value to their post through blog comments. everybody like to see comments at their blog. Show love by commenting. Avoid one line comments. Having ten blog commenting backlinks that add to value (seen in below image) to a writing is better than 100 one line comment.

2.3) Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarking is another great way to get backlinks and traffic to your website. It helps to promote content and reach tp global audience which turn into global traffic. So it is a win – win deal getting backlinks and global traffic.

Here are some social bookmarking sites to submit bookmarks.

I have written a post that include social bookmarking guidelines, procedure and top social bookmarking sites.I know you don’t want to Google.

2.4) Directory Submission

Some people things directory submission don’t work now a days. But it is not true. There are several users who still use directory sites to search specific websites or blogs. Getting backlink from directory like alltop and dmoz, you think don’t work? Hmm it plays an important role in search engine optimization. But getting a backlinks from top directory sites is very hard.

Here are some best directory sites to consider directory submission.

Want to submit to more directory websites?

2.5) Forums

Forums are nice source to establish connection with experts and learn from experts. to create backlinks from Forums, 1st you need to search forum into your niche. As you find forums, create account and complete your profile, begin participating in discussion. you’ll ask questions according to your niche and reply of other questions if you have got knowledge.

Every forum has own guidelines. Some forums allow to post links in reply whereas some not. Some solely enable links in signature option after certain number of posting in forums.

Some forums have terribly high da, you’ll increase domain authority of your blog using such type forums.

2.6) Infographics

If you’re blogger or webmaster, you definitely detected the word Infographics. Infographics are nice source to induce lots of several top quality backlinks. are your surprise how? whereas solely few Infographics sites allow free submission.

Everybody like to use beautiful and informative infogrpahics. 1st you wish to create unique and informative infographics. Then search best blogs in your niche and reach bent on bloggers and offer them Infographics as a guest post. they’ll happy to publish your guest post.

In this way, you’ll get 50+ high quality backlinks simply. If you’re serious to increase domain authority of your website, take advantage of this awesome link building strategy.

3) Make Sure You have clean link Profile

Make sure you have got clean link profile. many of us do profile link building using forums sites and some times, they create threads to post their content to get backlinks. during this case, due to self promotion, mostly forum flagged your profile with the spammer label. thus if you ever done such type activity, delete that profile or update profile url that point back to your website. And check your webmaster to create sure, your incoming links are good. If your blog have low quality backlinks, get rid of from all of them to rank you website and increase MOZ trust score.

You can use Majestic to check your trust flow. If your website trust follow is more than half of citation flow, your do good. If it’s not, you’re on risk. Anchor text and citation follow both are important factor to make sure clean link profile.

4) Create Epic and Linkable Content – Increase Domain Authority

Yes, content play an important role to increase domain authority. Content are a few things what in your hand and it’s great role in gaining higher domain authority. Content is backbone of most successful authorty websites, you’ll simply look any popular websites in your niche, they need Epic Content or final Guide. User will learn all things from them.

In internet marketing niche, you’ll see backlinko.com, quciksprout.com, shoutmeloud.com and many others. they all are best known websites in marketing niche. If you provides a look to their content, you will found each post is guide in themselves.

When you create Epic content, individuals like to link you in their article. you’ll create lots of superb content to your audience. produce very detailed content on a topic (like this what you’re reading)and try to come with all unique.

If you are not expert in creating high quality content, you can shoot out a mail to top influencers into your industry regarding to share their view at specific topic and tell them, this will be an Epic guide of 2000 – 3000 word of a particular topic. I am sure they can’t say no to you. Everyone love to featured and be popular.

5) Build Strong Internal Linking – Improve Domain Authority

Build Strong internet linking helps all user, search engine and website owner. A use get all related information what he want at one place and website owner get traffic from one article to several another one if he did strong internal linking. Search engine easily go with relevant page.

Strong intern linking means he offered to use when he need. if you describe social media in the first paragraph and link social media article in last paragraph why user will check your article.

Having a website with lots of more content can help in building more internal linking, more inter-linking is more traffic.

Here are some essentials to keep in mind while inter linking. 

1. Use different variations of anchor text like how to increase domain authority, increase domain authority, domain authority etc.  I hope you have got my point. Using exact anchor text every time, may be harm you result drop in DA.

2. Offer when a user need.

3. Build a specific no. of links within an article.

Interlinking many posts into single article can be result in overload.

6) Marketing Your Content

If you want to increase domain authority, you need to market your content. Content marketing is most important thing which can help you to earn more trust and more sales also. After creating Epic content, now time is to reaching out to audience. No source is better than Social Media to promote your content. Everyone is hanging on Social Media. Social Media have great impact in building brand and drive massive traffic. For a new blog to gain search engine trust is not an easy job but creating high-quality articles, you can easily gain trust to your audience and people into your industry.

If you have published expert roundup post, shoot out a mail to all experts and tell them you have published articles. They all will happy to comment at your blog and even will like to share with their audience.

Using Hootsuite doesn’t mean never login into social networks. You need to connect personally with your audience to become success. People who connect with us personally, they like to share our content and interested in our services. Even you don’t login, how you cash those opportunity which are coming into your social network message box.

If you are doing exactly what I have explained above, surely your website domain authority will rise. As I already told you domain age is also an involved factor behind DA. I tested site having more domain age having higher DA. But it doesn’t mean domain age automatically increase domain authority of your blog.

If you follow all steps which I described above property, as time will grow, your DA will shine. Due to lack of any essential of improving Domain Authority like Fresh content, Proper SEO, clean link profile, lots of natural links from unique domains, you can lose Your DA. Grow to take with together.

If you found this complete guide of domain authority useful, please share with your friends and followers and share your own views about domain authority in comment section. I would like to hear from you also.