Latest 2016 -17 LIC Bonus Rates


LIC bonus costs for the 12 months 2016-17 had been these days announced by means of the Life Insurance Corporation of India. These ultra-modern bonus charges are applicable for the valuation duration from 1st April, 2015 to thirty first March, 2016.

This year LIC has declared a one-time Diamond Jubilee Bonus, marking its sixtieth anniversary celebrations. This bonus is similarly to Simple Reversionary bonus, Final extra bonus (FAB) & Loyalty additions (LA). The Investment Returns on conventional lifestyles coverage guidelines like Moneyback or Endowment are in most cases dependent on the bonus prices declared through LIC.

Latest 2016 -17 LIC Bonus Rates

So it’s far very crucial to tune the Bonus charges of the LIC Policies that you have offered. All insurance plans of LIC with the suffix ‘With Profits‘ are eligible for allocation of annual reversionary bonuses. When the bonuses are allocated they become vested with the coverage and are payable on adulthood or on loss of life of the confident all through the time period of the coverage.

These new bonus prices are applicable on guidelines which are in-pressure as on 31-03-2016 and also relevant to all LIC policies wherein demise claims or adulthood claims need to be paid (or) surrendered on or after 1st January, 2017.

The charge of bonus allocated on your LIC policy relies upon upon:

  1. The Plan and Term of the policy.
  2. LIC’s Investment experience and the surpluses generated at some point of the year.
  3. Bonus declared is constantly based on Sum confident and not on the top rate quantity.

Latest LIC Bonus Rates 2016-2017

Below are the simple reversionary bonus charges declared via LIC of India for the financial yr 2016-17.

Latest LIC Bonus Rates 2016-2017

Kindly word that except at the below noted plans, the 2016-17 bonus fees on almost all different antique plans of LIC are same because the bonus rates of 2015-sixteen. (The bonus fees at the below plans have been slightly multiplied.)

  • Jeevan Bharti Plan No. 60 (20 year time period)
  • Jeevan Shree – 1 (Plan no. 162)
  • Jeevan Nidhi (Plan no. 169)
  • Jeevan Pramukh (Plan no. 167)
  • Jeevan Amrit (Plan no.186)


LIC Jubilee Year one-time Special Reversionary Bonus Rates

Below are the only time Diamond Jubilee Year Special Reversionary Bonus Rates on LIC guidelines;

LIC Jubilee Year one-time Special Reversionary Bonus Rates

The One Time Special Reversionary Bonus isn’t always payable to without earnings rules, the policies underneath which assured additions had been added at some point of the inter-valuation duration and also on guidelines below which loyalty additions are payable.

How to read the above tables? How to calculate the bonus amount on my LIC coverage?

In the above desk, on “ New Jeevan Anand” 15 years plan – LIC has declared Rs forty one in keeping with Rs a thousand Sum Assured. If you had sold a similar plan for a Sum Assured of Rs three,00,000 then the bonus amount on your coverage could be Rs 12,300 ((SA/1000)*forty one).

Like this, every year LIC pronounces bonus fees. But, the fees can range. Remember, these bonus quantities aren’t paid to you straight away. They are accumulated and paid on adulthood or claim.

If you study that the minimal bonus quantity in line with Rs 1000 sum confident on new plans is Rs 37 and the maximum being Rs 50. The returns are quite low. It is better to keep away from investing in those form of low-yielding Traditional plans (of any life insurance agency’s) for long-time period.

Besides Simple Reversionary Bonus, LIC additionally broadcasts other kinds of bonuses like;

  • Final Additional Bonus (FAB) : It’s paid to those policies which are of a longer length and has run for say more than 15 years. This is a one-time payment.
  • Loyalty Additions : These are similar to FAB.
  • Guaranteed Additions : The Guaranteed Additions are payable along side the Basic Sum Assured at the time of declare.

I will quickly attempt to provide information on LIC Loyalty Addition costs 2016-17 & Final Additional Bonus prices for 2016-17. The above info are based totally on confined available information and may be modified.


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