This time we’ve researched and compiled the 10 Best Drone Under $1000 currently within the market. therefore if you’re still wondering what the best one is, allow us to help you decide.

If you still didn’t browse our list of top 10 drones for less than $500 we tend to highly suggest reading it. All the 10 drones on this list are extremely recommended and it sure won’t disappoint you. they bring about the best and most recent technology to one powerful aerial machine. If  a photography or video enthusiast or professional this are the drones to be looking at.

If you’re still a beginner, maybe you’ll be interested in our list of top 10 drones for less than $200 ? high quality commercial UAV’s feature rich and compatible with some of the foremost powerful transmitters within the market. we’ve updated this list to best represent the products in 2016. amazing quadcopters like the new version of the Parrot Bebop, the new Blade photography and videography drone and the unique looking Yuneec Thypoon Q500+.

The best money should buy, there’s no going wrong with one among these sky monsters! therefore follow us as we take a deeper look into the high-end quadcopters world, today we’re here for drones under $1000 list!

10 Best Drone Under $1000


PARROT BEBOP - Drone Under 1000$

Parrot Bebop may be a high performance quadcopter with four brushless motors able to go up to 13m/s in horizontal flight. Bebop packs great sensors like 3-axes accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer, one ultrasound sensor with an 8 meters reach, one pressure sensor and a vertical camera to trace the speed. Bebop comes with a built-in HD 14MP camera that records in 1080p resolution with 30 frames per second and 3800 x 3188 pixels for photos and is ready to see around 180º degrees. Buit-in GPS system allows auto-flights (mission planner) by setting waypoints on a map, to that Parrot Bebop can fly to and comeback.

If you purchase the Skycontroller station, Bebop will be flown a bit like an airplane and have its range increased to 2000 meters! Skycontroller additionally supports a tablet or smartphone for FPV (real time video transmission) flights. undoubtedly one of the best drone under $1000, however it’s still very powerfull and affordable device.

Features Specifications
Smartphone app Camera : 14 MP Full HD 1080p
Built in GPS Frequency : 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
Return to home Camera angle : 180°
Long Wi-Fi range Flight time : 8-10 minutes
FPV ready – supports  FPV glasses Image stabilisation : 3-axis



PARROT BEBOP 2 - Drone Under 1000$

Parrot’s most recent drone, the overhauled variant of the Bebop 1, the wonderful Bebop 2! This quadcopter has an inherent amazing camera of 14MP and records at 3072p resolution, 30 fps. Camera additionally has a fisheye lens, with 170º view! Bebop 2 has a slick configuration, firmly resistant to crashes and hits, its parts will be easily replaced.

Bebop will be controlled either by android or iOS device (FreeFlight 3 application) or by utilizing the new Skycontroller Black, a transmitter that improves Bebop 2 abilities by expanding its reach and control ease. Through the application you access all Bebop 2 options, including the FlightPlan that empowers auto-pilot flying (a paid application that prices 19.99$). 2,700-mAh Li-ion polymer battery is ready to power up to 23 minutes of flight time.

Bebop 2 is also a fast quadcopter able to fly at 18m/s on horizontally and 6m/s vertically. If you’re looking for an automatonous drone with awful quality camera ready-to-fly out of the box, than, Parrot Bebop 2 will be your baby! And because the former version. If you buy the Skycontroller station (Skycontroller Black is the new version), Bebop will have its vary increased to 2000 meters! Skycontroller additionally supports a tablet or smartphone for FPV (real time video transmission) flights.

Features Specifications
LED Lights Size : 33 x 6 x 38cm
Smartphone app Camera : 14MP fisheye
Digital 3-axis stabilisation system Flight time : up to 25 minutes
User controlled 180° vision Range : 300m




Ghost drone made by Ehang, Inc. is advertised to be “the world’s best drone to fly”. mainly due to the fact Ghost doesn’t use a RC remote, instead connects to pilot’s android or iOS device that connects to a G-Box via Bluetooth or wifi. Through the application, pilot is able to start Ehang flight with one click button, return automatically, land or hover.

Drone’s direction will be controlled just by tilting the smartphone device. has a range of 1000 meters and is somewhat of a heavier drone weighting 650g (2-D Gimbal included). A 3S 5400mAH Lipo battery powers Ghost for 20-25 minutes flight time (without landing gear and gimbal) and 17-20 with 2d Gimbal and landing gear. The 2-D 3 axis Gimbal is compatible with GoPro cameras.

Features Specifications
Controlled via android/iPhone Range : 1000 meters
Easy to fly Flight time : 25-30 minutes
LED Lights Battery charge time : 60 minutes
Supports GoPro cameras 3 axis Gimbal
Waypoint; Follow-me;  Hover and Return to Launch Mode


7- 3DR IRIS+


3DR Iris + is a 3D robotics advanced quadcopter with autonomous capabilities. It will be remotely controlled via android and iOS by an application on pilot’s device, or through a nine-channel radio transmitter with on-screan telemetry for instant accurate flight data. The mobile app assists the remote control with options like automatic take-off and landing with simply a push of a button.

Iris + has the awesome and helpful feature Mission Planner software. By tapping on a displayed map and drawing intended flying path, Iris + can record it and perform it. Internal GPS also enables pre-programed professional-grade mission capabilities, for example mapping, scripted cinematography and scientific research. this is all powered by a high-performance 32-bit Pixhawk autopilot system built on ARM Cortex-M4 Processor that runs it on real time NuttX operating system and uses ST microelectronics sensors. IRIS+ is definitely one of the best drones for sale.

Features Specifications
Supports GoPro HD Hero Size : 63 x 33 x 13cm
Pre-programmable Flight time : 16-20 minutes
Ready to fly Charge time : 45-60 minutes




DJI is already a notorious company within the drone market and Phantom 2 Vision+ was one of their biggest hits. it’s the upgraded version of Phantom 2 Vision, main difference is Dji added a Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal camera system and made some tweaks and fixes to the drone itself. This high-end Vision+ quadcopter has GPS, Wi-Fi, and a fully stabilized 14MP camera with an F/2.8 lens that shoots video at 1080p/30. Its 5200mAh Li-Po battery powers 25 minutes of flight time. Through Dji’s app you’ll see what the drone sees in real time, start and stop the camera, tilt the camera, and lots of other helpful features. It’s a great and easy to fly quadcopter able to go 1000 meters in altitude!

Features Specifications
Ready to fly Camera : 1080p
LED Lights Image stabilization : 3 axis gimbal
FPV – Smartphone app Flight time : up to 25 minutes




Yuneec Q500+ incorporates its own Full HD 16MP camera ready to record video at 60 frames per second. in addition it empowers FPV (real time video transmission) straightforwardly to the 4.5″ lcd touch screen. Plus, flight information like GPS status, number of satellites, GPS coordinates, battery voltage, altitude, ground speed, home distance, system settings and flight settings. the information is shown on a ST10 Personal Ground Station running on android system. Camera comes with its own 3-Axis CGO2-GB Gimbal which might be tilted 90º degrees up or down.

Among Q500+ features we will find Geo Fence protection (to prevent drone from flying out of distance. smart Circle Protection (drone won’t fly close to the pilot, preventing accidents). Automatic Taking-off and Landing, and 3 intelligent flight modes: smart Mode, Angle Mode, and home Mode. All 3 modes make use of GPS and allow other functions like Follow me and Watch me mode (in that drone can point at the pilot independently of the flight direction). an amazing quadcopter for filming, featuring all the needed safety for the pilot. control distance is 600 meters and flight time 25 minutes.



Also known as Zero explorer V is one of the simplest looking quadcopters out there. it’s additionally one of the simplest for beginners, wants no assembling and is ready to fly out of the box. Xplorer V as a great HD 14 megapixels camera with FPV transmission live to your smartphone.

Its modular style allows user to easily add a camera, gimbal and range extender (of around 800 meters) to increase the somewhat low default range of 500 meters. Smartphone additionally displays real time flight data information on screen, Album Synchronization and battery status informer. Functions such as the return to Home, auto Take-off, auto Landing, are available in this quadcopter.



Another of Walkera’s reliable smart products, this high-end drone comes with a trick. Scout X4 is somewhat of a “transformable” drone, being able to go from 4 motors to 8, becoming an octocopter. Flight controller may be a Devo F12E FPV Transmitter 5.8 ghz with open source APM software. X4 options autopilot, his is done through waypoints selected by pilot on Google Maps, to that Walkera Scout X4 can fly to alone.

X4 features a superb range of 1500 meters and 25 minutes of flight time. Scout X4 is additionally able to automatically return to the place of take-off as well as taking-off automatically too. Scout X4 options Walkera’s G-3D gimbal (compatible with both the GoPro Hero 3 or 4 and also the iLook+) and includes an iLook+ camera with 720p resolution and 30 fps.



Chroma is one of Blade best products for photography and video. completely different package versions include CGO3 4K Camera (can shoot 1080p at 120 fps for slow-motion similarly as 60p, 50p, and 48p), CGO2+ 1080p Camera, or a 3-Axis Gimbal for a GoPro. each cameras have a wide angle 130° FOV lens. go out there and catch epic airborne shots with the chroma camera! Its transmitter may be a ST-10+ Personal Ground Station with a 5.5″ touchscreen that conjointly works as FPV monitor.

FPV transmission is done through 5.8 GHz. Blade chroma as a wide diversity of features: SAFE Circle that prevents the chroma from flying too close to the pilot. Stick relativity (another name for Headless Mode), Follow me Mode, tracking Mode (much like Watch me mode from Q500 typhoon, return to Home and adjustable flight boundaries for a safer flight. an amazing quadcopter, with plenty of lifting power. control distance is a little below average (400 meters) and flight time is above average (30 minutes).



Phantom 3 is DJI’s most recent product, and unbelievable powerful machine able to record 2.7K video and capture 12 megapixels photos. an integrated 3-Axis Stabilization Gimbal supports GoPro cameras. Streams live 720p HD video directly to your smartphone or tablet in a very maximum range of 2 kilometers. a unique Beginner mode allows new pilots to learn how to fly within a limited area chosen by you. As all the other features of the drones on this list: auto Take-off, auto Landing, auto return to Home, Failsafe (if battery is running low Phantom 3 comes back to wherever began flight), vision positioning for indoor flights.

A powerful mobile app with user friendly interface constantly updated with cool functions as for example streaming live on Youtube whatever your drone is recording and track Phantom 3 position live on map. Flight modes like point of interest (phantom can fly around object while always facing it), Follow me mode, Mission Planner (autopilot through waypoints) and Intelligent control Orientation. App conjointly has a flight simulator to teach a way to fly. perfect drone for beginners and amazing for advanced enthusiasts. do you agree with us, is DJI Phantom 3 the best drone under $1000?