Finding a good social sharing plugin for WordPress is more difficult than it should be. There are thousands of plugins within the WordPress repository yet I’ve found myself switch plugins far too usually. It shouldn’t be this way though.

It should be easier for us to search out a useful social sharing plugin that will what we’d like it to. Then there’s the all important element of getting support after we need it. The truth is that the right social plugin is out there for you. I’ve included my personal go-to social sharing plugin during this list along with some other plugins which will help you.

Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Whether it’s adding social share buttons, follower counts, encouraging social shares or monitoring social shares in WordPress – there’s a plugin here for you. You’ll find both free and paid plugins.

Best Social sharing plugins for WordPress

1. Social Warfare

Social Warfare social sharing plugins for WordPress

Social Warfare is currently my go-to social sharing plugin for WordPress. This plugin makes it simple to add visually stunning sharing buttons to your blog in a variety of locations – you’ll add share buttons above/below your posts, via shortcodes and even floating share buttons.

And it gets better: you also get access to a number of powerful features which will offer you a huge boost in social shares.Firstly, you’ll upload Pinterest-specific pictures and descriptions. Pinterest has huge potential for driving traffic in certain industries however the problem is that most default images that are shared once your visitors hit the “Pin” button aren’t the right size.

This plugin is that the complete social sharing package – with Social Warfare you’ll have everything you wish to wow visitors and get additional social media traffic.Version 2 of the plugin has been rolled out and includes the addition of new options, and improved other features. Improvements included the likes of a new user interface, updated popular posts widget and more.


  • “Pin it” button for images – helpful feature, you’d have to use an extra plugin for this before the update.
  • Support for HackerNews and Flipboard buttons – two great platforms if you have the right audience for them.
  • Pinterest mentions – similar to how you can add your Twitter @username, you can now do the same with Pinterest which will notify you when your images are shared.
  • Support for popular social networks.
  • A number of eye-catching themes.
  • Display total and individual share counts.
  • Display share counts only when above a specified number.
  • Display floating share buttons.
  • Add “click to tweet” boxes within your content.
  • Add custom tweet text for individual posts.
  • Display popular posts widget organized by share counts.
  • Upload Pinterest specific images and descriptions to your posts (great for boosting Pinterest traffic).
  • Tracks social shares with UTM tracking code (see exactly how much traffic this plugin is sending your way).
  • Fully mobile responsive.

Price: Starts from $29/year (cancel anytime).

2. Monarch

Monarch Social Sharing Plugins

Monarch is an incredible social sharing plugin created by the team at Elegant Themes. This plugin boasts some spectacular options, it allows you to show share counts when they reach a certain number that is great for avoiding negative social proof.

In addition you’ll show social icons in your sidebar or alternative widget areas and you’ll monitor social shares in an impressive looking interface. There are also|are} many interesting placement choices that include triggered popups and fly ins – these are designed to help you encourage social shares.

The plugin is well optimized and designed with speed in mind but it still has all the important features you will need to encourage social shares.

But, the biggest selling point for this plugin is that the value you get out of an elegant Themes membership. As well as Monarch, you also get access to a listing building plugin, page builder plugin and a bunch of eye-catching WordPress themes.


  • Support for popular social networks.
  • Multiple display options such as above/below posts and floating share buttons.
  • Choose when share counts are displayed.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Popover and fly in share boxes to encourage sharing.
  • Display social media icons in widgets or with shortcode.
  • Track social shares, likes and follows with built in statistics.

Price: $89/year (cancel anytime and get access to other plugins as well as 80+ WordPress themes).

3. SumoMe Share

Social Sharing Plugins SumoMe Share

This isn’t your typical WordPress plugin. SumoMe could be a suite of apps designed to assist you grow your traffic. whereas you’ll use these apps with any website that supports HTML, they need a specific WordPress plugin that makes setup extremely simple.

The app that allows you to add social sharing buttons is called “Share”, and it performs brilliantly. There are a large number of places that you just will add your social buttons to and it’s all done by a clickable interface. simply click on wherever you want them to go. you’ll select a different placement for mobile devices too.

While SumoMe comes with a large number of features, I particularly like how you’re ready to order your social sharing buttons by that networks are getting the most shares. You also get access to basic analytics data showing you how many people are clicking on your share buttons – this will help you figure out that networks are hottest with your readers.


  • Supports a wide range of services including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and more.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Customize size and other aspects of your share buttons.
  • Huge number of options for placement of share buttons.
  • Choose various button placements for mobile devices.
  • Display rules allow you to choose which posts/pages your share buttons are added to along with other filtering options.
  • Significant control over how share counts are displayed – for example, you can choose to hide individual counts and show total counts, or only display counts over a certain number.
  • Additional apps available to grow your traffic, shares and email list.

Price: Free. You can upgrade to unlock advanced features on this and all other SumoMe apps starting at $20/month (paid annually).

4. SumoMe Image Sharer

SumoMe Image Sharer Social Sharing Plugins

Image sharer is another free app created by the SumoMe team and it’s responsible for an additional 1,800+ social shares across my more recent posts.You can opt for exactly that apps you wish to use – if you’ve got SumoMe already installed, it’s even easier to get started. With this app, you’ll add share buttons to your pictures. this provides you an additional way to get more social shares (and in turn, a lot of traffic) to your content.

There’s minimal setup with Image sharer, however you are doing have some handy customization options available to you, along with a summary of the total shares. You can pick that share buttons you wish to add – Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Yummly are all available. I tend to get the foremost success with Pinterest as it’s a visually focused network.


  • Add share buttons to your images for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and/or Yummly.
  • Choose which pages or devices these image sharing buttons are added to.
  • Choose where these buttons are added to images, for example – bottom left, middle, top right etc.
  • Built-in URL shortener makes your shared links look much cleaner.

Price: Free. You can upgrade to unlock advanced features on this and all other SumoMe apps starting at $20/month (paid annually).

5. Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress

best wordpress social sharing plugins easy social buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress is possibly the foremost feature packed plugin I’ve ever come across. You get access to a wide range of placement options and visual designs for starters.

There also are many customization options for the visual designs and the plugin supports lots of social networks. You can manually place social share buttons, set share counts to be displayed when a number of your choosing along with many different features.

Fortunately, in a recent update, this plugin received an overhaul. The plugin is faster and the interface is cleaner. It’s not perfect however it’s much better.


  • Support for 45+ social networks (including WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and more).
  • 22 different locations to add your share buttons.
  • 40+ built-in templates.
  • 11 counter positions and 6 total counter positions.
  • Social fans counter & widgets.
  • Popups and fly-ins to encourage social shares.
  • Support for shortcode placement.
  • After share actions.
  • Customizable button text.
  • Built in social metrics.
  • Supports any custom post types.
  • Mobile optimized display.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, JigoShop, WP eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Free add-ons such as post views, Facebook comments and AMP support.
  • Social buttons a/b testing feature.
  • Social media followers sidebar widget.
  • Built-in email subscription option (currently supports MailChimp and a few other popular providers).

Price: $19.

6. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is more than just a WordPress plugin; you can also use it for a variety of different content management systems. You have access to a variety of different looks for your social sharing buttons, all of which are more eye-catching than the usual native buttons. You will need to register an account to access all of the features that Shareaholic has to offer, but it’s free which is awesome. By default, a popover appears after sharing that says ‘thanks for sharing’ (or something similar) and includes an advertisement below. The good news is that you can turn this off if you want to. Either the entire popover, or just the advertisement. The news gets even better because there’s a revenue sharing program setup, so you can get a cut of the profits from the ad.

Shareaholic is more than simply a WordPress plugin; you’ll additionally use it for a variety of different content management systems. You have access to a variety of various looks for your social sharing buttons, all of that are a lot of eye-catching than the usual native buttons.

You will need to register an account to access all of the features that Shareaholic needs to provide, however it’s free that is awesome.

By default, a popover appears when sharing that says ‘thanks for sharing’ (or something similar) and includes an advertisement below. the good news is that you will turn this off if you wish to. Either the entire popover, or simply the advertisement. The news gets even better because there’s a revenue sharing program setup, therefore you’ll get a cut of the profits from the ad.


  • Control whether or not share counts are displayed.
  • Support for WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal, Shopify and more.
  • Support for shortcode placement.
  • Support for social analytics.
  • Display related content.

Price: Free.

7. Simple Share Buttons Adder

best wordpress social sharing plugins simple

This is a straight forward and simple to use plugin that enables you to add basic share buttons to your posts or pages. Choose your location, placement, share text and image set – then you’re able to go.I personally realize this plugin lacking in features, however its very light weight.


  • Very light weight.
  • Various image sets.
  • Support for custom images.

Price: Free.

8. WP Social Sharing

Social Sharing Plugins WP Social Sharing

WP Social Sharing allows you to simply add sharing buttons for six of the main social networks. This includes the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. In the settings you’ll find the option to automatically show these share buttons. you’ll opt for whether they appear on posts, pages, media and custom post types.


  • Supports 6 of the main social networks.
  • Allows you to customize social button text.
  • Resizes for mobile devises.
  • Add Twitter usernames to your tweets.
  • Add share buttons using shortcode.

Price: Free.

9. Custom Share Buttons

Social Sharing Plugins Custom Share Buttons

The full name of this plugin is “Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar”. Not the foremost straight-forward name, but the plugin itself provides a simple solution to adding basic share buttons at the top of your content, or at the bottom.

You can select whether it’s displayed on your home page, pages, posts or categories/archives – giving you a nice amount of control.


  • Supports popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.
  • Choose whether to display share buttons on your home page, pages, posts or categories/archives.
  • You can choose to hide the floating buttons for mobile devices which is helpful since the floating sidebar isn’t mobile responsive unless you purchase the pro version.

Price: Free.

10. AddToAny Share Buttons

Social Sharing Plugins AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny was one amongst the first tools I ever used for adding share buttons to my websites, and it’s still going strong. One of the popular features concerning AddToAny is that the universal button that allows users to hover over and get the option to share to other networks. Still, you get many features with AddToAny and it makes displaying share buttons straight-forward.


  • A huge range of social networks are supported along with email sharing.
  • Choose between several different icon sizes.
  • Choose where you want buttons to be placed.
  • Add buttons around your content or use shortcode to place it anywhere.
  • Google Analytics integration helps you monitor your progress.
  • Use custom icons if you want to use a style that isn’t included.

Price: Free.

SumoMe’s Share app works nice if you’re looking for a plugin that’s free and offers significant functionality.

Social Warfare and Share are my top picks for plugins that provide you with control on how share counts and total share counts are displayed. this suggests you’ll either show them, or hide them till counts are above a certain number.

If you wish a plugin that allows your readers to be able to share pictures that fit recommended sizes for social networks, while not having to change your featured image size, Social Warfare can try this.

Simple Share Buttons Adder provides an easy (and free) solution for adding straight-forward social sharing buttons, without too several bells and whistles.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress could be a great choice if you need terribly granular control over how share buttons are displayed. it’s a crazy amount of features and most can’t be found in different plugins.

Share can enable you to track that share buttons are getting the most clicks and allow you to display share buttons in different locations for mobile users (this improves user experience).