Our immune system defends us time and again from a host of disease causing germs. Given the highly polluted and stressful times we live in these days, we cannot afford to let our guard down for an instant once it comes to protecting our health.

Additionally to a decent diet and exercise routine, there are certain supplements that help in boosting our immunity levels. We have featured here is a list of top ayurvedic and homeopathic products that may enhance your immunity levels.

10 Immunity Boosting Products

10 Immunity Boosting Products

These products won’t solely help in strengthening your immune system but also will help in combating other illnesses. These products are reasonably priced and are easily available online.

1. Baidyanath Chyawan – VIT Sugarfree Chyawanprash

Baidyanath Chyawan

Baidyanath Chyawan – VIT Sugarfree Chyawanprash is that the only chyawanprash that has zero sugar and is prepared from natural herbs and plant extracts. the most ingredient is amla that’s rich in vitamin C, essential nutrients, and minerals that help boost the immunity and metabolism. because the product is sugar free, even those with diabetes will consume it.

Diabetes mainly affects the heart, kidneys, liver, brain, lungs, and skin. Regular consumption of this chyawanprash helps nourish these organs and stimulates the respiratory, nervous, and circulatory systems. It additionally acts as a natural antioxidant and enhances immunity.

2. Maharishi Amrit Kalash

Maharishi Amrit Kalash

Maharishi Amrit Kalash is an ancient ayurvedic herbal supplement that gives strength and balance to the body’s immune system by protecting it from free radical damage. additionally to being a powerful antioxidant, it conjointly enhances energy levels. It helps in improving the nervous and circulatory systems too.

3. Baidyanath Swarn Makardwaj

Baidyanath Swarn Makardwaj

Baidyanath Swarn Makardwaj helps in maintaining vigor and vitality amongst men. Physical weakness is a common symptom in men, and due to this, their sexual ability is affected. These tablets are a good remedy for sexual debility and help in curing this problem by strengthening their immune system.

4. Blooume 20 Immunoforce Drops

Blooume 20 Immunoforce Drops

The regular consumption of Blooume 20 – Immunoforce Drops is a tonic that helps in building immunity against flu, recurrent cold, fever, chronic cases of tonsillitis, and in healing injured nerves. it’s useful in convalescence similarly.

5. Dabur Ratnaprash

Dabur Ratnaprash

Dabur Ratnaprash is a power-packed formula that helps fight fatigue and enhances the stamina, strength, energy, vitality, and vigor of the body. the product was launched when extensive research by the Dabur R&D Centre using the age-old wisdom of ayurveda. The formula helps in reducing stress by energizing the body.

6. Extrammune Tablets

Extrammune Tablets

Poor immunity has a huge negative impact on the productivity in both professional and personal lives. Extrammune tablets are fortified with immunity-enhancement herbs. they help to fight against microbial infections, stimulate the production of infection-fighting cells, and assist you recover quicker from any sort of disease.

They’re natural immunity enhancers whose major ingredients are haldi (Curcuma longa), guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), and yastimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

7. Immunity Capsules

Immunity Capsules

These Immunity capsules from Organic india are made up of katuki, krishna tulsi, and vana tulsi. These capsules offer relief from cold, flu, and other infections. they help in building and maintaining a strong and healthy immune system.

8. ProImmu Capsules

Consuming Prolmmu capsules is a natural way to enhance the body’s immunity. they’re scientifically proven herbal immune potentiators and have an immune-protective effect.

9. ADEL 48 – ITIRES Drops

ADEL 48 drops stimulate and detoxify the whole lymphatic system, boost the immunity of our body, and also are considered as a supportive treatment for cancer.

10. Echinacea Angustifolia 1X Tablet

Echinacea Angustifolia 1X pill is an immune stimulant. The drug has been used for centuries to boost the body’s immunity system by stimulating the activity of macrophages. These tablets help in combating the common symptoms of a weak immune system like lymphatic inflammations, blood poisoning, and infective illnesses. they’re conjointly useful for treating cold and flu.

A robust immune system is of paramount importance in fighting off microbial infections. Consult your doctor to know that of those products would be suitable for you.